Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Automatic meter reading (AMR) is a technology that automatically collects consumption data from a water meter or energy metering device. This data is used for billing purposes; to analyse usage and manage consumption, and to identify or resolve technical problems. AMR systems promote more cognisant electricity and water usage by revealing exactly how a site is using resources, and where reductions can be made to improve efficiency and lower costs.

AMR continually gathers data, and can provide this information on a real-time basis. Usage data can be viewed at any time, and once collected, is immediately stored in a repository of historical consumption information for comparative or analysis purposes.

How AMR works


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Benefits of AMR

  • Highly accurate meter readings – no more estimates
  • mproved billing processes
  • Real-time data access: View your usage information at any time by logging into a secure website using your unique password.
  • Continual data readings enable you to monitor where energy is being used at all times. This data is proven to encourage individuals to regulate their energy usage (for example, by switching off lights at night; unplugging appliances when not in use; limiting the use of heaters, air-conditioners and tumble-dryers; etc)
  • Each client will have access to full reporting information on each building, including:
    • Unique meter number
    • Daily updated meter consumption
    • Meter maximum monthly demand, updated every month
    • Graphical half-hourly profile data, updated daily
    • Historical usage figures
    • Tariff information
    • Total rand value of energy and water consumption and demand per meter
    • Further customisations can be integrated into the system based on specific client requirements.

Affordable and effective AMR installation

Any business wanting to manage their energy and water usage and reduce operating costs should transition to AMR technology. These systems are particularly beneficial to municipalities, multi-tenanted buildings and industrial operations.

Speak to SEM now to find out more about installing an effective and affordable AMR solution. Existing clients can view and monitor their water and energy usage online.

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