Man-4 Independent Commissioning Agent

Optimal energy efficiency begins in the design phase and by engaging an Independent Commissioning Agent at this early stage, it will be possible to ensure that the building is commissioned and operated in an efficient way.

SEM is a Man-4 Independent Commissioning Agent, and can assist clients in achieving Green Star Certification, as per Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) requirements, through specialised engineering guidance.

As independent advisors, we are able to provide objective and unbiased advice, recommendations and reviews on all engineering matters pertaining to your site.

Steps to achieving Green Star Man-4 rating

SEM’s team of commissioning experts is internationally trained and locally experienced. This gives us a deep understanding of South African energy demands as well as the most efficient energy solutions implemented locally and abroad.

Our experts will guide you in meeting the criteria for a Green Star Man-4 rating by:

  • Providing impartial advice prior to, and during, the construction phase
  • Verifying design intent
  • Developing and directing the commissioning process
  • Optimising performance for safety, energy efficiency, reliability and comfort
  • Target setting
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate efficiency measures
  • Co-ordinating activities between client, designers and contractors throughout the commissioning, testing and adjustment phases
  • Ensuring correct functioning of all systems and equipment
  • Ensuring that all systems and equipment are fully integrated
  • Monitoring and confirming the commissioning of all systems

Efficiency is not incidental

Independent commissioning management ensures that buildings are properly constructed and operate in the safest and most efficient ways possible. As buildings may rely on hundreds of sensitive control systems and engineering services, energy efficiency is not incidental.

Contact SEM today to enquire about our independent commissioning services, or to request the services of an accredited Independent Commissioning Agent.