Human Resources

Meet our water and energy management experts or read about our technical staffing and contractor empowerment.

  Centurion HQ Western Cape KwaZul-Natal
Professional Engineer 3 1 1
Engineer 1   1
Technologist 1 1  
Technician 4 1  
Admin Staff 1 1 1
TOTAL (Aug 2013) 10 4 1

In addition, SEM boasts 3 Certified Energy Managers (CEM). 2 Certified M&V Professionals (CMVP) and 2 Accredited Green Star Professionals.

Technical staffing and empowerment

In addition to in-house staff, Shared Energy Management sources additional artisans and technicians on a project basis to ensure effective implementation of water and energy efficient installations. In order to empower historically disadvantaged individuals, Shared Energy Management has actively assisted in setting up four 100% BEE contracting firms.

Contracted resources are directly managed by our in-house personnel. This ensures that the quality of the work is of the highest standard and meets the specific objectives of energy and water savings.