Turnkey Water Services:

  • Grey water systems
  • Pressure control
  • Flow restriction
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Infrastructure surveys
  • Dual flush systems
  • Low flow appliances
  • Water management information systems

Water management services

In South Africa, effective water usage is an integral part of effective business management. Water is a precious resource that at times may be limited, and as such, responsible water management is vital to regulating costs, reducing wastage and promoting water conservation.

SEM’s water management services have been shown to be effective in optimising water usage in residential developments, businesses and industrial operations. Whatever the scope of your business, we’re qualified to implement conservation, recycling and waste-reduction strategies to ensure optimal water management.

Infrastructure surveys and leak detection

At SEM, we believe in providing turnkey solutions that offer noticeable results right from the start. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable engineering team conducts infrastructure surveys of each client’s site in order to identify the most effective water management solutions for their operations.

Once implemented, our systems will ensure optimal water consumption in all conditions.

Request a site survey

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You can also view our complete list of water and energy management services now.

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