Why use Shared Energy Management?

Shared Energy Management is in a position to deliver far more than your average energy consultant. Since the inception of Eskom's DSM programme many ESCos have been founded, but there are not many successful water and energy management companies that can deliver solutions for both your utilities.

Whats sets SEM apart?

Proven approach

SEM’s approach to energy and water management is proven to reduce costs and optimise consumption. Our solutions are fully measurable and can be scaled to suit the timeframes and operational needs of small, medium and large organisations. Find out more about our water and energy management solutions.

Turnkey solutions

SEM's outcomes-driven solutions, such as solar PV installations, offer results right from the start. Combining effective managment services with the expertise of a world-class team, we install proven water and energy management systems in operations of all sizes and outputs.

Return on investment

SEM solutions pay for themselves within a timeframe determined by our clients. Our solutions deliver quantifiable returns on investment through substantial medium to long-term savings. SEM solutions typically result in savings of over 20% for all sites managed. Energy savings realised have previously been as high as 55%, while water consumption has been reduced by up to 75%.

Carbon footprint reduction

Climate change is becoming a key global issue. Political and regulatory pressure to reduce energy and carbon footprints is rising steadily. Our energy and water management solutions help clients reduce their environmental impact by reducing water and electricity demand and optimising consumption.

In-house capabilities

With in-house engineers, technicians and advanced recording instruments and equipment, SEM is capable of offering complete EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) project nationwide. Equipped with a wide range of proprietary tools we can monitor, measure and interpret anything relating to energy and water consumption in your business.

Technical expertise

SEM is owned and run by experienced mechanical and electrical engineers with building services backgrounds. Having been in the business for nearly two decades, our water and energy management expertise is unmatched in the industry.


SEM is registered as ESCo with Eskom, has a 5EB, 5CE, 4ME and 3SO CIDB grading and is a GBCSA member. SEM is registered with the department of Labour as an electrical contractor and has a R20m Public Liability and R5m Professional Indemnity Insurances.

Skills transfer

In an industry where know-how is everything our people are a key enabling factor. Training and skills transfer forms the basis of all projects undertaken. To date more than 20 employees within our BEE contractors have been assisted in setting up their own contracting firms.

Flexible cost structuring

Choose from short, medium or long-term investment timeframes. Opt for a low risk / no risk shared savings contract, or maximise your short-term savings.

In combination, these factors position us to deliver solid, measurable results.